MRV / MRV Outdoor Units


Water-cooled Full DC inverter heat pump systems

  • Water Sourced MRV Outdoor Unit, Combine Water System and Refrigerant System in one System
  • 3 Basic Single Module:8/10/12HP, Max 3 Modules Combination up to 36HP
  • Most Compact Size Outdoor Design in the Industry
  • Total 300m Long Pipe Length, Easy for Installation
  • Double Coil Outdoor Heat Exchanger
  • Compatible with all the MRV Indoor Units

Operating Principle 

MRV-W are MRV/VRF systems with direct refrigerant expansion and inverter compressors that use the same indoor units as the classic MRV systems, controls and joints.

The design and implementation of the internal circuit follows the same rules as a normal MRV/VRF system, the only difference is that they use water and not air to condense or evaporate on the outdoor unit. MRV-W therefore does not have fans and large air/refrigerant exchangers but uses special water/refrigerant exchangers. This allows to significantly reduce the size of the product compared to a classic MRV of equal cooling capacity.

Thanks to its small footprint, the installation of the MRV-W takes place inside technical rooms, basements, garages and corridors as it does not need to exchange energy with the outdoor air.

The water needed for operation reaches the units through small diameter pipes. Water can have different origins such as ground water, lake, sea, river, end industrial processes, accumulation of non-drinking water.


MRV W Example


MRV W Cooling Operation


MRV W Heating Operation


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