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MRV 5 2
MRV 5 1
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MRV / MRV Outdoor Units


"Step Less" Full DC inverter heat pump systems

  • New full dc "step less" technology
  • New 4-sided continuous heat exchanger coil
  • New auto-addressing system
  • Automatic oil balancing
  • Refrigerant management system
  • New certified and registered design
  • Smartlink - wireless wi-fi communication


Wide range of power

Up to 26 HP with single module and up to 104 HP by combining up to 4 modules. Modules 8 to 16 HP are equipped  with single fan, for maximum installation flexibility and a small footprint on the surface.

MRV5 Combo



Auto addressing

Auto Addressing

New automatic system for digital addressing indoor units reduces system commissioning time

DC Stepless

DC "step less" technology

The new compressors and fan motors use a new stepless inverter control. The control is linear from 0 to 91 Hz for a more accurate response to changes in demand, further increasing efficiency and rotation of the motors compared to a classic step vector control.

Oil Balancing

Auto Oil Balancing

When pairing multiple modules with each other, it is not necessary to provide the oil equalisation pipe, as the lubrication system inside each module is self-controlled.

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.


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