Ceiling Floor 1

MRV / MRV Indoor Units

Ceiling Floor

  • Flexible installation to floor or ceiling
  • 3 ventilation, vertical and horizontal flow control
  • Preparation for fresh air input: 2OO mm (only from size 282 to 482)
  • High-efficiency, long-lasting air purification filters
  • Input connections from different directions


Technical Specifications

MRV Indoor Units

Indoor Model No. Output power - cooling Output power - Heating IU size (mm) W x D x H
AC092MCERA 2.8 3.2 990x655x199
AC122MCERA 3.6 4 990x655x199
AC162MCERA 4.5 5 990x655x199
AC182MCERA 5.6 6.3 990x655x199
AC242MCERA 7.1 8 990x655x199
AC282MFERA 8 9 1580x700x240
AC302MFERA 9 10 1580x700x240
AC382MFERA 11.2 12.5 1580x700x240
AC482MFERA 14 16 1580x700x240

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.


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