Haier ensures the quality of the air we breathe

Often we don't realise how important little things are. The air we breathe is invisible and we do not perceive it as something vital, but remember that without air, there is no life.

Passing through our body opens the door to breathing and it is evident that, if that air does not have optimal conditions, our body suffers, perhaps not immediately, but in the long term.

This is the main reason why the quality of the air we breathe is so important and it must be a priority to take care of it. The air that circulates in our homes has a special impact on our health and the comfort of our family, therefore, attending to a better quality of this becomes something vital for our well-being.

The Indoor Air Quality (CAI) can be affected by a multitude of polluting gases and microbes such as mould or bacteria and this can damage our health. It is very important to keep the quality index in order, that is, to monitor the quantities of pollutants present in said air. It is for this reason that methods are currently being used to control said quality, such as the use of ventilation to dilute these contaminants, and there are already air conditioning splits on the market that, in addition to air conditioning, also purify the environment to collaborate in this mission.

Haier is strongly committed to this cause to such an extent that it displays the slogan "Haier Breathes" in which green lungs become the flag of the brand. In addition, it presents in the market Haier Jade, a team that maintains excellent air quality and also allows the user to know the state of this in real time by issuing warnings when it is not the most suitable for our health. It also controls humidity, avoiding dry air, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria that affect its quality, thus allowing the purer air to breathe.

Haier Jade has high-end features and a sound pressure of just 15dB (A), as well as a cryogenic self-cleaning system, A +++ efficiency and the best Wi-Fi on the market, according to Euromonitor. With the air quality control it has, we can react to changes in the environment and activate the purification function.

And how does its mechanism work? First, it makes the particles electrically charged, the first filter maintains the largest ones, and then the dielectric material captures the charged particles, guaranteeing an air full of negative ions as well as breathing in a forest.

Our new split has the self-cleaning function, a system that allows cleaning the battery of the indoor unit, eliminating microorganisms that deteriorate the air quality. This function allows bacteria and fungi that are dispersed through the ventilation system to be eliminated with the risk of generating diseases or exacerbating problems for people with allergies.

In short, it is a team that collaborates on good air quality and that is good for people, health and the environment.