Techno-installation Interview: Market Report on “VRF Systems”.

Advantages of the system, market situation and new products

In your opinion, what are the main advantages of this type of system?

Variable refrigerant volume systems, MRV clearly have some outstanding benefits. Energy saving is one of them and this is one of the main claims that we manufacturers have since it is estimated that these systems can save between 11 and 20% in part thanks to the inverter technology they have at minus one of the compressors. The constant work they perform at maximum performance also facilitates energy saving, making it a very sustainable system. Its easy installation is another advantage since they are not particularly heavy devices and have a modular design. Maintenance is very economical and being direct expansion units, maintenance is not complex. By last,

How do you see the situation in this market?

MRV systems have been booming for years. It is a market segment that is constantly growing and there are reasons to continue to be optimistic since, thanks to the advantages that everything offers, they are facilities. They are equipment that reduces energy consumption and increases seasonal efficiency compared to other solutions. They guarantee the commitment of air conditioning manufacturers in the search for efficient equipment, as well as their commitment to the environment. From the R&D departments we work so that the air conditioning systems favor energy savings and with this option of MRV systems we achieve this without a doubt. The use of refrigerants with less potential for global warming is also an indication that favors their situation in the market is favorable.

What product novelty would you like to highlight?

At Haier, the MRV 5 variable flow system offers multiple features and innovative technology. These are some of the equipment that have a maximum capacity of up to 104 HP and a wide operating range to work efficiently in extreme temperature conditions, cold from -5ºC to 50ºC and heating from -20ºC to 27ºC.

They are machines created to provide high-performance air conditioning in large installations, with several innovations in terms of installation and maintenance: DC Inverter compressors , redesigned fans with static pressure up to 110 Pa , refrigerated PCB control plates, precise temperature control, Automatic R-410 refrigerant charge. All these advantages make this series ideal for enjoying an excellent response and greater energy efficiency. Fully compatible with the entire current range of Haier indoor units and control systems.

Thanks to the large capacity Full DC Inverter compressors , MRV 5 units can reach 26 HP of power with a single module and up to 104 HP in a maximum combination of 4 modules (modular system), including the MRV 5 RC model (units with heat recovery). Its optimized design, the intelligent control of its Full DC Inverter compressors , the DC fan motors and its high-precision heat exchanger give MRV 5 equipment much greater efficiency in cooling and heating. EER up to 4.5 (8 HP).

The Haier MRV 5 incorporates a longer pipeline ( 1,000 m ) and a greater unevenness, allowing a flexible design with few limitations. This technology allows the refrigerant stored in the indoor unit to be recycled automatically, returning to the outside, by means of a switch. This innovative function contributes to a much simpler, more comfortable and efficient maintenance.

Outdoor units can be connected to indoor units automatically, which is a considerable reduction in labor. By dispensing with the oil balancing line, as it automatically balances, installation and maintenance are simplified . To carry out maintenance, the front panel can be removed as if it were a door, easily and simply, reducing handling time.