Looking for flexible alternatives to traditional gas boiler-based heating systems is growing in importance as the cost of fossil fuels continues to soar. For this reason an energy efficient Haier MRV, VRF heating and cooling system deemed the perfect solution for a new store opening by a leading retailer of household goods.

Five Haier MRV-5 outdoor units, with a capacity of 88HP, deliver high capacity heating and cooling all year round at the new premises of JYSK Retail in Bucharest, Romania. The outdoor units are supported by 15 Haier round-way smart air flow indoor cassettes which are helping to provide a constant indoor temperature of 26°C for shoppers and staff.

JYSK is an international home retailer with
Scandinavian roots. The company owns more than 3000 stores in 50 countries around the world.

The Haier MRV-5 led system was preferred to the classic chiller for cooling and boiler for heating alternatives as it offered greater flexibility, easy control and a smaller footprint for the equipment.

Haier Technical Manager for Central and Eastern Europe Lucian Pascu said:

“This was a prestige project and one that we were delighted to be involved with. The challenge at the start was simple as the customer wanted to move away from gas-based heating and wanted the benefits of an easy to operate cooling and heating system throughout the store. We came up with a system design which matched the customer’s
expectations with the MRV-5-led system winning the day. This inverterbased system is now up and running in this large store on the outskirts of the Romanian capital and JYSK are delighted with the outcome."

The installation was conducted by Maral, a Bucharest-based company who provide modern, technical solutions with high performance equipment for heating and air conditioning installations for all types of buildings – including offices, schools, factories, hospitals, hotels, military units, residential flats and individual homes.


Flexible and Efficient

Haier’s flexible and highly efficient MRV systems offer a complete VRF heating and cooling solution for a wide range of applications where big comfort cooling and heating is needed. This makes them ideal for all medium to large scale applications.

“MRV offers all the benefits you would expect in an advanced VRF system – including high performance in heating, total control over the system, flexible design, easy installation and superb energy efficiencies.” - Lucian Pascu

MRV also offers all the advantages of smart control and its Wi-Fi connected smart technology gives the user the flexibility and convenience of having complete control of the air conditioning system wherever they are.

These easy to install outdoor systems also have a comprehensive range of indoor units to go with them. Haier Round-way indoor cassette units deliver an all-round cooling and heating experience. With individual louver controls and five fan speed options the round-way units are an ideal choice for a large commercial heating and cooling installation.