Two 30 HP Haier MRV 5-H outdoor units were installed in a McDonalds restaurant in Gossau, Switzerland.

Following a previous faulty installation, the restaurant needed a cooling and ventilation system for both the restaurant itself and the kitchens, particularly as summer approached. An operational system is essential in this type of building, as the temperature in the kitchens can reach up to 50°C in summer. Faced with this time pressure Bouygues turned to our distributor Inosens who stepped up with a fast-track Haier solution.

Equipped with improved vapour injection technology, the MRV 5-H units feature an EVI compressor, which 
increases refrigerant circulation by 15% and therefore improve the heating or cooling effect by 30% compared with standard compressors. As a result, the clients can enjoy comfortable and fresh air quality inside during hot summers, thanks to the cooling operation which can continue even with up to 52oC outdoor temperatures. 
They were also coupled with two AHU units of 28 and 73kW capacity to create direct expansion air handling units, controlled via a building management system to create a cooling solution for the restaurant.

Peter Ilg, Product Manager for the Western Switzerland region, comments: 
“We are extremely pleased with this installation, which only took 2 weeks to complete. Our aim is always to support our customers and offer solutions with functional systems tailored to the end user’s situation."

Furthermore, thanks to the continuous heating function, the restaurant will benefit from comfortable and warm heating in the restaurant even during Swiss cold winters. This is possible thanks to the ability to carry out an outdoor unit 
defrost while the indoor units are still in heating mode.
MRV systems have a wide range of applications in buildings such as shops, restaurants, hotels and offices. The MRV 5-H outdoor units can also be fitted with the new “Smartlink” wireless communication system between the outdoor and indoor units. The use of this system is particularly useful when it is impossible to reach all the units with a conventional communication cable.

Regulations require an adequate renewal of the air in the rooms depending on the activity carried out. Thanks to the interface kit between the high-efficiency MRV units and the direct expansion air handling units, Haier can meet your air renewal and treatment needs. 


Haier’s MRV 5-H range offers a wide range of applications thanks to their capacity of up to 26 HP with a single module and up to 104 HP by combining up to 4 modules. 
The 8 to 16 HP modules are fitted with a single fan, for maximum installation flexibility and a small footprint. The design of the MRV-5 units is such that they can be wall-mounted, even up to a capacity of 12 HP.

units, top of the restaurant