Haier MRV range on subsidy list for heat pumps in Germany

The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) in Germany has announced that all Haier VRF outdoor units are now included on its subsidy list for energy efficient heat pump installations. Customers who choose a Haier MRV heat pump system can claim a state subsidy of 35 per cent – and if an oil heater is replaced, the subsidy increases to 45 per cent. Costs include not only the price of the unit itself but also the installation, commissioning and disposal of the old system.

The flexible and highly efficient MRV offers a complete VRF solution for a wide range of applications where big comfort cooling and heating is needed making it ideal for offices, shops, hotels, health and education facilities.

Haier HVAC Solutions Manager for Northern Europe Kevin Nofz said: “The fact that we now qualify for BAFA heat pump subsidies further highlights the impressive energy efficiencies of the MRV range. The low noise MRV 5 DC Inverter heat pump system features full dc stepless technology, a four-sided continuous heat exchanger coil, an auto-addressing system reducing commissioning time, an advanced refrigerant management system and the option of using Zigbee communication to reduce wiring needs."  

“With the days of fossil-fuelled boilers numbered, air source heat pumps provide a more sustainable alternative. By using free renewable energy from outside as a heat source for cooling, heating and hot water, they are becoming a key player on the journey to a carbon neutral society. The BAFA subsidy will only make the MRV more attractive to customers and help accelerate the speed of change needed to meet our future environmental goals.” 

Haier HVAC Solutions offers customers all the advice they need on claiming the subsidy.  Across the high quality MRV range the capacities of the outdoor units vary from 8hp to 104hp in combination. These easy to install outdoor systems have a full range of indoor unit types available to meet all application needs.

The MRV range is perfect for all applications with the MRVS range offering 10kW to 33kW capacities in a tombstone style outdoor unit and up to 300m pipe runs. The MRV5 range offers 22kW to 63kW in single modules and combinations up to 252kW with 1000m pipe runs for larger projects. All these units can be connected to a vast variety of indoor units as well as AHU ventilation units thereby offering a totally flexible system. 

In addition to receiving subsidies and offering great technical solutions, the Haier MRV range in 2021 also offers great benefits to the installer via the Haier VRF Ultimate Rewards scheme. All Haier MRV purchasers will have the chance to a claim a range of fabulous gifts from luxury electric cars or bikes to business gifts such as company vans and HVAC installation tools.

For more information on the Haier HVAC Ultimate Rewards scheme visit www.haiervrf.de