Easy Air Conditioning

Haier HVAC Solutions and Easy Air Conditioning the perfect match

Easy Air Conditioning is the latest UK distributor to team-up with Haier HVAC Solutions. Easy Air Conditioning is a leading HVACR distributor in the UK market and will sell the full range of Haier air conditioning products.

Haier HVAC Solutions are a global leader in comfort cooling offering residential, commercial and applied air conditioning solutions. They include control systems, chillers, air and water treatment systems; VRF, light commercial and residential air conditioning systems.

Birmingham-based Easy Air Conditioning was founded in 2001 and the business has established a strong market presence in the VRF sector. Haier HVAC Solutions European General Manager Bob Cowlard said: “We are delighted that Easy Air Conditioning is now our partner in the UK. Easy Air Conditioning has built a great reputation for supplying top quality HVAC solutions and providing the technical know-how and aftercare service to match.

‘’The experience of their senior management team is exceptional and their relationships with installers and specifiers should have a massive impact upon our successful entry into the UK market. We have some fabulous new products coming to market and it’s a perfect time to be on board with Haier. Things are really happening and we’re glad to be working with a distributor with such an impressive pedigree.”  

Easy Air Conditioning Managing Director Neal Gooding said: “With such innovative products available Haier are a really good match for us. A great example is the new range of R32 A2W heat pumps and at the other end of the spectrum the MRV5-H which offers continuous heating during defrost and operation down to -25°C. Add to that the option of Zigbee controls, a three-pipe VRF system and a full offering of indoor unit types, and the range is well matched to the needs of the UK market. By offering a six-year warranty they are certainly standing by their product.’’

Sales will focus on the continued demand for VRF systems along with the growing requirements for A2W heat pumps in commercial and residential environments but Easy Air Conditioning will also have full access to the residential and air to water product ranges.

Haier understands how important clean air is to our health and the recent results from Texcell testing showing how effective Haier’s UVC Generator can be in inhibiting the spread of Covid-19 airborne emissions have highlighted the clever new technologies emerging from Haier HVAC Solutions.

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