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Haier hOn App helps you to be free from Allergens.

Have you ever wondered how it would be to life in a healthy home environment without allergens?  

Your Air Conditioner is a valuable ally to prevent illnesses related to seasonal and dust allergies. For it to work in an optimised way, it’s crucial to clean it constantly. Our air conditioners are equipped with cleaning features such as the Self-Clean and 56°C Steri-Clean functionalities which help you to keep your units clean. It is needed to deep clean the air conditioner from time to time, to preserve it as well as to ensure it works efficiently.  

How to deal with it? #thehOnlife 

We have you covered! Our units have integrated Wi-Fi which enables which can be controlled though our Haier hOn App. Thanks to the app, you can easily keep an eye on the condition of each of your A/C units while preserving a healthy level of air quality. You can control them all together or set parameters for each of them.  

The steps are simple: 

  1. Track the state of the air conditioning filter and the required maintenance 

  1. 2- Start dedicated self-cleaning and sanitising programs 

  1. Set health modes to keep the air free from allergens 


The hOn App allows you to control all the Haier units in your smart home, program your air conditioner no matter where you are and experience a personalised experience of comfort.  

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