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Haier cools down high-end Kitchen Studio in Veendam, Netherlands. 

In Veendam, a city in the northeast of the Netherlands, the premium Luit Windt Kitchen Studio recently made the choice to switch from its old gas boiler installation to a greener solution.

The Luit Windt Kitchen Studio, is a renowned company in its sector that specialises in fitting high-quality kitchens with a premium look and feel, and was established in 1976. The Studio was equipped with old gas boilers that were no longer fit for purpose and were not meeting the heating and cooling requirements they needed. With a building covered by a large glass facade, it was crucial to find a quick solution to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature for visitors to the store. Their greener transition started with the installation of 50 solar panels on the studio’s roof but, to meet the heating and cooling needs of the 450 m² building, an efficient indoor solution was still missing.

With this in mind, Haier’s local distributor Wasco was chosen to help the Kitchen Studio find a solution. They wanted something that not only improved efficiency levels and green credentials, but a solution that would fit into the aesthetics of the premium feel of the building. 

Boekholt Airco, a local company, took the lead on the project along with the installation and worked closely with Wasco to design an ideal solution that met the needs of the customer. Haier was put forward as a brand for its flexibility, reliability and for its ability to deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising on features and benefits.  

With all the requirements in mind, and considering various challenges, the solution selected consisted of a mix of Single and MultiSplit systems. In the kitchen studio showroom, they opted for 3x 10.5 kW Single-Split Roundway Cassettes. In the offices, a 7 kW MultiSplit connected to 3x 2.5 kW Flexis Plus indoor units were installed, which promised to provide a comfortable climate across the building. 

Boekholt Aircos’ testimonial on the project: 

“We were commissioned to install air conditioners at Luit Windt kitchen studio with energy efficiency as the main purpose. It was a top priority because the building has a large glass facade at the front, which means it gets very hot quickly in here during summer.”

The Round Way Cassettes were chosen for their A++/A+ energy efficiency levels and for their ability to operate at a very low noise level, ensuring a discrete operation.  The Cassettes are also able to provide ‘Fresh Air’ knockout, which is incorporated in the chassis. 

This special feature allows the introduction of fresh air into the room, up to a maximum of 20% of the nominal airflow of the unit, making it perfectly adapted to such environment.  

As well as providing a comfortable climate for the Kitchen Studio and improving the ambient indoor air, we needed to make sure the units complemented the premium look of the interior setting. Boekholt Airco therefore commissioned the Cassettes and pipework to be coated in black to match the dark colour of the existing ceiling, which enabled the units to fit seamlessly into the space. 

Our Boekholt Aircos’ contact added:

“We had completely dismantled the indoor units, taking the necessary parts to a specialist to paint them black. When that was completed, we reassembled the Roundway Cassettes one by one. During the assembly, we used only black materials to keep the overall picture as nice and sleek as possible.” 

In the offices, the MultiSplit installation was combined with 3 Haier Black Flexis Plus wall mounted units, offering A+++/A++ energy efficiency and multiple premium functionalities. Not only providing a high level of comfort to the offices, but also clean and healthy air with the integrated UVC Sterilisation module, which has been independently tested by Texcell S.A. The built-in LED light kills airborne hazards when the air circulates from the air inlet and delivers healthy air into the room. 

With the arrival of summer and the hot weather, installing all the equipment was crucial to provide the best working conditions for the employees, and offer a pleasant environment for the customers. The end result is that the customer has a solution that works for them all year round, giving them the flexibility of cooling and heating whenever they need. 

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