Haier Results 2021


Haier MRV air to air heat pump systems are being installed in WASCO branches across the Netherlands.

The building services wholesaler has 36 shops in the country and is replacing old-fashioned gas boilers with Haier energy-saving heating and cooling systems. The 260 sqm WASCO branch in Haarlem is the latest to benefit from a Haier MRV installation with an MRV5-H Heat Pump VRF Continuous Heating (AV16NMVETA) outdoor unit and four 9kW 4-Way Cassette (AB302MNERA) indoor units fitted. 

WASCO technical advisor Jan Van Zwolle said:

“The Haier MRV system is the number one choice for us. With gas prices rising rapidly, a heat pump system was a superb energy saving alternative. We are aiming to replace gas boilers with Haier MRV heat pump systems in all our shops to provide the best in cooling and heating, and reduce our carbon footprint as part of our sustainability plan.  

This has been completed in ten WASCO branches already and we are delighted with the results. The rising cost of fossil fuels made choosing the energy saving benefits of Haier’s MRV heat pump heating and cooling systems an easy decision. 

Outside the shop in Haarlem the outdoor unit is neatly mounted in an iron gutter and looks superb. The indoor units look great, the central control system works a treat and we are very happy with the outcome.” 

The flexible and highly efficient MRV provides a complete VRF heating and cooling solution for a wide range of applications where big comfort cooling and heating is needed, making it ideal for shops, offices, hotels, health and education facilities. 

The MRV is perfect for all applications, with the range offering 10kW to 33kW capacities in a tombstone-style outdoor unit and up to 300 m pipe runs. The MRV5 range offers 22kW to 63kW in single modules and combinations up to 252kW with 1000 m pipe runs for larger projects. All these units can be connected to a vast variety of indoor units as well as AHU ventilation units, together offering a totally flexible system.  

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