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Amsterdam host Haier Partners at the 2023 Dealer Conference.

Haier HVAC Solutions held its 2023 Dealer Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands for its European HVAC Partners. It was an exciting and informative event held over the 24th - 25th of November. With over 70 Partners from 24 different countries, it promised to be a special event. Alongside these attendees, we were lucky enough to welcome 20 representatives across various divisions from our headquarters in Qingdao!  

All 130 guests enjoyed a boat ride along the IJ river to the EYE Film museum where the conference was being held. Steeped in film history, the EYE was a visually striking and highly professional location, a suitable match for the event, mirroring Haier’s ambitious vision for the future. 

It was a real honour to have Haier Europe’s CEO Yannick Fierling attend this year’s proceedings, he engaged and enthused the audience in an insightful presentation into Haier’s history and demonstrated the journey of rapid growth Haier has continued to experience since its inception in 1984. His highlights included the growing importance of the HVAC division within the 32.5 billion Euro group.   

Continuing from our ‘Forward Together, Grow Together’ theme, this year it was enriched further with the addition of “Infinite Possibilities”. The theme perfectly resonated with the various new launches introduced but most importantly it communicated the sheer possibilities that Haier can now offer due to the expansion of our portfolio enabling a true all-round solution offering. This belief and vision were held highly by our European General Manager Bob Cowlard who kicked off the proceedings with an engaging overview of all our achievements, the 5-year plan, and the upward trajectory of the HVAC business in Europe and he thanked guests and partners for their continued support and dedication to the Haier brand.  

The success and the remarkable growth of our HVAC business in Spain was also shared as an example of what can be achieved with the right level of investment and direction at all levels. The success was attributed to investment in people, Zero Distance to customer, new channel and sales outlet openings and the exceptionally good summer. The now 65m Euro business is home to our new Barcelona Training Hub which welcomed over 2200 professionals from Spain and across Europe.  

The product updates were a real highlight which went on to explain the direction and rationale behind the 2024 plan. Thanks to our Zero Distance ethos and approach Bob Cowlard underlined the fact that we were no longer only a player in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry but now moving forward into Energy making us a leading player in HVACE.  

Yannick Dealer Conference 2023

This year, we shared our direction on the use of greener refrigerants with the launch of our new R290 heating range, highlighting our commitment to a more sustainable future.  In addition to this, new smart technology and connectivity between all Haier products are also being introduced. In essence the product segment demonstrated various developments in the portfolio with many gaps closed in, making Haier a true contender in a competitive marketplace.  

The finale to the conference was delivered by an insight in to various marketing campaigns and activities conducted during 2023. We shared our forward vision and continued our ‘Zero Distance’ journey to the customer by investing in training & development not only at our Hub but also regionally with Partners to enable professionals’ easy access to hands on training across Europe. As well as this we will continue connecting with professionals through trade shows, kicking off with MCE Milan in March 2024.  Our message remains strong and will steer towards Healthy Air, Energy Efficiency and Smart Solutions – all of which contribute to a more sustainable future.  

Ending the day proceedings on a high we celebrated the achievements of our partners with various awards being given for growth, marketing achievements and contributions to the Haier business as well as for best product development and quality given to the R&D teams in China for their efforts to listen and respond to market needs.   

The celebrations continued at the Capital C building, an old diamond exchange, in the heart of Amsterdam. Where guests were able to network, relax and unwind in an impressive rooftop location with a view across the city. Following on the next day by an iconic boat tour through the canals of the city and an urban wine-tasting experience in the Chateau Amsterdam where a few different wines are made from blends of different grapes.  

Yet again, the annual event was met with high praise and plenty of positive feedback with a 100% of customers finding the conference interesting and engaging with comments highlighting the ‘excellent presentations’ and ‘professional approach of Haier’. The success and resonation of Haier’s vision and approach is testament to the efforts of everyone involved with the Haier brand.  

While some challenging times are still ahead with markets constantly evolving and various economic conditions, we are confident to say that we are going in the right direction. 2024 promises to be another highlight in its history so watch this space! Let us move ‘Forward Together, Grow Together’ with Infinite Possibilities!